Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Death and The Battle

Do you know how does it feel when you know that you are dead? I felt death last night...

I was in a room with a bunch of people which I didn't familiar with, waiting for something that we didn't know. The room was like a dormitory with a quite big stagged platform for people to lay or sit on. We were waiting and waiting, still didn't know why, what for, and how we got in there. After a while, we were released from the room, there was no order nor announcement from some kind of authority or else; we just felt that we had the permission (read:obligation) to leave. There was a small and quick farewell as we had been there quite long together; yes, we need to go separately, again, didn't know why, just felt that we had to..
I was in the middle of a place like city (I think) walking away from the room, heading to nowhere. It was a bright, hot, and humid climate I felt; this feeling I did familiar with..suddenly a guy was walking beside me; he was the second thing which I familiar with so far. He told me a weird thing that my body was found and they (?) would tell the news and send it to my family...his words..I just felt worry..yes..that's all.."worry"..worry that I had not done enough of my role. Although, the second child of my parents is a boy, although I thought the sorrows would not last forever (would it?) I just felt, it was just not enough..it hasn't been completed...Then my memory brought me to my girl. How was she? How will she live with someone else?? No, I didn't think I could even think about it. The precious will be left. No, please don't...please!!

Then.. I woke up.. finished? no, not yet..
It was a familiar room where every morning I wake up. I met some people that I knew well, very well. I went out, I saw a guy was being chased by a yellow giant robot; it was a big mechanical-creature and I felt an evil in it, somehow...I saw this guy, looked as if he wasn't in a trouble at all. He challenged the thing there; he was so confident that at the end of the day he felt he would win over it. I followed them heading to an unused warehouse; it was an old big warehouse; I could see some sun rays came in through the broken glass of the arch doors, but the room was not well lightened though..the warehouse became even more silent and "cold". Eyes to meet eyes; they were facing each other, standing still in silence; the battle could be started any time soon. I was outside the warehouse, standing behind the glass arch door, got myself ready to any kind of possibilities. Suddenly a voice called me; it was from the guy..loudly he called me; asking me to join him (what??), he said I had the ability or power to bow down the creature. with all the doubts I had, I put myself closer to the battlefield. I just had his faith in me; that's all..then, even more surprising, the thing put some kind of sign (didn't really know how), then, I saw dots of light spreading through out the city, were elevating to the air, flying, those lights were coming directly to the place where we stand on. getting closer and clearer, the dots became shapes, the shapes became strange creatures, colorful yet disgusting, never seen these things before even in the dreams. and I heard laughters all over the warehouse, echoing, worst voices, unpleasant, bad bad ones!!
The crowd filled the warehouse, surrounding us; still with the voices and laughters they were staring at us. Beside me was a creature, looked like a girl in a purple suite which let the most of her skin left showed up; the skin was also purple, she was still chuckling, sometimes louder..(to be continued..)

The Joke

I just watched "Catch Me if You Can" rite..and then I found this scheme where the guy called Carl, played by Tom Hanks, told a joke which was very catchy yet somehow..genius! well here it goes..
A (Carl) : d' you want some jokes?
B (didn't get the name) : yup sure..!
A : ....knock,knock!!
B : who's there??
A: ..............*after around 5 seconds*.............go fuck yourself!!!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's on your mind?

A good friend of mine told me that it is good to share thoughts to others, regardless whether it is good or bad. Well, not quite sure the meaning, not quite sure if it works or not. However, here I am with my good intention and sincerity sharing my very thoughts.
This could be one way of enjoying life, enjoying myself. And it would be even nicer if at the end people find some answers or questions that can lead them to answers in this blog. Well, who knows? don't you think so?
So let me break free, spread my fucking wings, bang my head, shout the anger, laugh my ass up, be careless, and go wherever the wind blows..let it be my blues room...

Shit!! it took some times for me to write this small bullshit..well, practice makes perfect, doesn't it? at least I believe that..so, here it goes my very first post, my newborn child..I can understand if you didn't get anything from this crap.. so just fuck off!! (hehe, I didn't mean it..really!)

God bless You