Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Wind

“..wind is the love we don’t understand but feel..” (William Cullen Byant in Dance With Wind)

That night, the wind came and whispered to me that my life was not mine..

the wind blew me away from all the self conveniences I was searching for,
from all the things I like and I don’t..
from all the insincerity…..the wind blew me away

my life was belong to the others, the wind whispered..

And then the wind took me at once..

The wind showed to me how pleasant it was to see the prisoners stepping out from that space of hopelessness where the sound of cracking bones was so loud and clear in the ears…
and how beautiful it was to see them smiling to the morning sun while embracing the warmth..

and I agreely smiled..

The wind was so real and imaginary at the same time. The wind blew me gently and I flew somehow.. The wind surrounded me and then released me.. I confusedly landed and..

yes… however, it was just the wind in any way.


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