Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Church People

I was born in diverse-religious (big) family of Catholic, Protestant, and Islam. I feel lucky that I was given this opportunity to embrace this difference. Feel so much warmth, kindness, and everything is so positive especially when we gather to celebrate the big days every year like Idul Fitri and Christmas. I went to catholic school but when I was home, I played with friends who are moslems. Some of them was like my own brothers and sisters. I felt like I was one of them - I learnt their tradition which is indeed the tradition of majority in this huge country. Nevertheless, I still believed that we are very "RICH" and the most important thing is that we are caring and respecting each other. 15 years ago, on my way to karate training at the church's parking lot near my house, I had an accident. I was chasing this public transportation and fell off when I was trying to land my foot on to the entrance step. My knee hit the asphalt road and I think I was dragged (I didn't know how) for several feets before the car finally managed to stop. I screamed in pain, bled quite badly, and the driver was so panic. He got off the car and helped brought me in to the car. The rest of passengers were already off the car when I was in. I didn't know where the driver was going to take me. Definitely he didn't take me home - I sensed that he felt guilty for this and was afraid facing my parents. I felt so bad since this happened because of my own stubbornness to chase the moving vehicle. Apparently, I was taken to his house. My presence drew attention of his neighbors. As I laid in the living room, they curiously watched me through the door and windows. The driver's wife started to take care of my wounds and rub the bump on my knee which looked bigger. Someone finally asked me a question: Where did you heading just now? To the church, I replied. And I hear another lady said to the driver, to calm him down: "I think it's okay. He is a church people. Church people are nice". I said to myself, well, I go to church to join karate training - to learn how to kick people's ass. Nice? Anyway, I thought, we are actually doing okay so far. That was their immediate impression of "the church people": Nice. There was no bad judgement nor any sign of refusal from them. And I also thought they were very nice too. I felt the same thing like when I was among families and friends (who hold different faith) - warmth. This difference, I believed, can't stop us becoming one big happy family. Well, I was wrong.. (to be continued)