Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Ascending

hi..(sigh..not sure if anyone is bothered about this)..anyway, it's me again,last time I came with a super-spirited-will-to-write, promise that (at least to my self) I would be more "expressive" through the words! but then I found here it's been almost one year long I left my room empty..maybe I was born to just keep things "inside"..the truth is the ideas are at every corners of my silly head! but it seems that my motoric tools were hardly response, or do something to make the ideas recorded and the keyword is "lazy"..ooooh well, anyway..that is not the point..the point is I'm still awake at 1.44 am, friday morning, just try to make myself doing something other than playing soccer game in my laptop, and getting pissed off every time I lost..*woaa..this is pretty long intro and I haven't even touched a topic that I wanted to express.. gheezz I'm hungry and sleepy..I can't think! am I wasting my time..???argggh!!.. (at least I've tried)

good night everyone, if there is..


novel. said...

akhirnya diisi lagi -____-"

go go keep writing! haha

sullyayu said...

good night too mister joshua

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